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Roles and Responsibilities 2022.2023 (2)

World’s End Junior School Governing Body 2022-2023

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to Worlds End Junior School Governors section. Thank you for visiting our website to find out about the work we do to support our school.

At Worlds End Junior School, we believe that children flourish when they are safe and supported and these are our fundamental principles when supporting our pupils. The past two years has impacted the learning of the children like we have never seen before. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we worked diligently to develop the personal and social skills of our pupils but now we are working even harder to help their social skills develop further in order to close the gap that has formed. The staff have supported the learning of all pupils, in various lockdown situations that have occurred such as virtual teaching and learning and catch-up sessions. We aim to offer the highest possible academic standards, supporting the expectations that all pupils are encouraged to do their very best.

All our Governors are from a wide range of backgrounds. We have staff and Parent Governors who have direct links to the school, Governors who are appointed by the Local authority and Governors who have particular skills that have been Co-opted in to serve on the Governing Body. The skills and experience your current group of Governors possess   derive from Education, IT, Finance, Payroll, Finance and Procurement backgrounds

We are not here to get involved in the day to day running of the school – that is in the safe hands of Mrs Owens and her Senior Leadership Team; however, the diversity of skills we possess helps us to critically challenge, support and compliment the hard work of the school.

Governing Body work

Our full Governing board meets once a term, and we have termly committee meetings. In the meetings we look at performance management, pay, appeals, disciplinary and dismissal matters. We also have our own subject links and areas of responsibility attached to these roles. We visit the school regularly to question the teachers about their specific area as well as to talk to your children and the support staff around them. We conduct ‘learning walks’ to see how our pupils are progressing and being supported in their learning and this forms a vital part of the jobs we have to do.

Whole school community role

As a Governing Body, we believe that our parents, carers, pupils, staff, Governors and members of the local community all have an equally important role to play in the success of the school. As parents and guardians your views are important to us. If there is an issue that you feel needs the Governing Body attention, please contact me via the schools front office or on my school email address and I will be happy to speak to you directly.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Samantha Calder-Terry

Chair of Governors

Worlds End Junior School